Security CCTV and Door Entry Systems

IT security measures seems paramount in today’s business environment. Yumna Solutions offers physical site security and access restriction as an integral part of your business. We take site security seriously and it’s why our qualified engineers install the latest industry standard IP Hikvision systems.
The essence of any security system is knowing what’s happening and when! With real time remote viewing and alerts you are covered 24/7, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world. Backed by our 3 year warranty, your security system is constantly maintaining your peace of mind.
A Door Access Control system safeguard’s and controls the flow of traffic in and out of your business.
You may restrict access to certain sensitive areas such as server rooms, stock rooms or any area you require. With a system that can control your doors and monitor activities, it will also give live logs and full activity history. Other benefits of a system will allow for “staff time attendance” and provide accurate data in a user-friendly report. This can help with payroll or other business related hurdles you may encounter.