Charity & Education Specialists

With over 40 years combined experience in these industries, we are confident that you will get the best and professional service and advice, your charity or school requires. We continue to work with large and small NGO’s and have varied experiences in accommodating your organisational needs.
Being a charity, you naturally benefit from heavy discounts provided by all major vendors. This includes Microsoft, Adobe, Google and many more. Here at Yumna, we have partnered up with all these entities. This results in direct savings to your organisation and in return, cuts costs and allows you to spend more on your respective projects. We assist, advise and provide all charity licensing and even push vendors to get special pricing on hardware and IT products you require.
Working with charities, we understand the needs of your website. A clean, concise and secure donation portal. We have and continue to do this for countless clients.
Likewise, the education sector also benefits from similar issues. We assist with all the particulars, alongside custom-built SMS (School Management Systems)