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What We Do

What We Do

This section will obviously be very big and growing however we now will have subsections.

Managed Service Providers

IT Support

The core of our organisation’s existence, to support and maintain our client’s IT requirements. From software to hardware, CCTV to telephony we provide a range of IT support services to be your one go to point of contact.

With our flexible support times and powerful remote monitoring tools, you can ensure that your systems are being looked after 24/7, 365 days a year.

We have a variety of flexible bespoke solutions catering to any size of business or needs that you may have.
Contact us for a no obligation site assessment.

Remote Monitoring

Using the latest technologies and software we facilitate remote monitoring tools, which helps prevent most basic issues and alerts our team of issues that may lead to a problem on your systems or network, allowing us to primitively resolve issues before they can even occur.

With powerful algorithms our software will ensure that your PC is fully optimised, with scheduled regular updates, clearing unnecessary system files, monitoring your hard drive space and alerting of any potential hardware or device failures, all allowing and assisting our teams to effectively monitor and maintain your systems so they are at 100% in order for you to carry on what you do best.

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Website Design and Development

With the increase of online presence, whether having an informative site or an ecommerce one, having our own in-house website design & development team (not relying on 3rd party vendors) allows us to keep costs low, deliver a high-quality product and with our low monthly maintenance costs you can ensure that your site is ready for the world. With the latest updates, security patches allowing for 99.9% uptime and scalability options when you need it most.

Our dedicated website team have over 50 years combined experience in the various internet technologies, including but not limited to PHP, Java, HTML/HTM5, Ajax, SQL, etc.

Bespoke CRM Systems

There are many software packages/systems out on the open market, performing a whole host of functions.

However, despite this vast pool of resources you may find yourself in a position where you are required to use multiple software applications in order to achieve the business goals, combined this can often be an expensive and inefficient solution.

Here at Yuma we can evaluate the current systems and platforms you are using and either recommend and setup other software packages/applications that can provide all or majority of the functionality your business requires.

In the unique event that there are no suitable or alternative cost effective or efficient software’s available our development team can build this for you from scratch, complete bespoke scalable solutions for your entire business needs.

Click here to view our current fully developed CRM and SMS systems.
Also use the demo online, log in as any type of user of to get a taste of what we can do for you.

Telephony, VOIP & Internet Services

With our telephony partner Daisy, we can provide competitive rates on all Telephony, VOIP and internet broadband services. With agreed business SLA times, backed directly with our exclusive access to BT Open reach engineers, you can ensure 99.9% uptime, with agreed minimum speeds on all our connections and as were on a complete separate dedicated network, we can ensure that your speeds are not affected during peak times (low line contention rates).
Our unique VOIP services can help your business grow and help you provide excellent service to your clients, with unlimited auto attendant (menu options), free internal extension to extension calling (worldwide internet required), direct dial, access to your own portal and apps that can work on your smart phone/computer, you can ensure that no calls are missed no matter where you are in the world.

All our standard hosted lines come with 5000 free minutes to all land line numbers starting 01,02,03 and UK mobile numbers, keeping your costs under control. Alongside this we can use your existing handsets (subject to handset), buy new ones with flexible payment options as a one off or small monthly instalments or even opt for soft client (on your computer or smart phone)

Hardware Procurement

Procuring for our existing clients for the past decade, we have developed a close relationship with a whole host of vendors and suppliers, allowing us to bring you any IT related hardware at rock bottom prices. All mainly sourced from within the UK (and in some cases from EU/US as not), you can ensure that you are buying genuine items from a reputable distributor. All items that are supplied as new, come with the standard 12-month warranty unless otherwise stated and will also be applicable for 2 years under EU regulation (again unless otherwise stated).

From enterprise kit, commercial grade or even home use we can source any IT hardware for you. We can also advise, review and provide alternatives to ensure that the kit you are buying is fir for purpose for your business.

Software’s & Licensing

We are registered partners and resellers with Microsoft, Adobe, TechData and XXXX we can source all software licences for your business needs. Whether conventional (one off) licences are required or monthly rolling licences we can advise what is best for your needs and provide cost comparisons alongside the pros and cons of each licence type.

We are also OEM partners of Microsoft, meaning that we can provide even more software’s cheaper then the conventional markets, especially on system custom built by us.
We can provide a whole range of solutions and even build bespoke systems if there is no single application for your unique needs. See Bespoke CRM for more details or contact us.

Charity & Education Specialists

With over 40 years combined experience in these industries, you can be confident that you will get the best and professional service and advice for your charity or school. Having worked with both large and small NGO’s, we have a varied experience in accommodating for your organisational needs.

Being a charity, you naturally benefit from heavy discounts provided by all major vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Google, ADD OTHERS HERE.

Here at Yumna we have partnered up with all these entities and pass those savings straight to your organisation, in order to allow you to save costs and spend more on your respective projects.

We can assist, advise and provide all charity licensing and even push vendors to get special pricing on hardware IT as well.

Also working with charities, we know what your website needs, clean, concise and with a secure donation portal, this is something that we have done for countless clients. Click here to view our demos and see charity sites we have created.

Likewise, the education sector also benefit from similar benefits and we can assist with all this as well, alongside custom-built SMS (School Management Systems) Click here to view a demo of what we can offer to you.


CCTV and Door Entry Systems

Alongside the normal IT security measures that we offer and recommend, physical site security and access restriction is also an integral part of any business. Here at Yumna we take site security seriously that’s why our qualified engineers only install the latest industry standard IP Hikvision systems.

A paramount element of any security system is knowing exactly what’s happening and when, with real time remote viewing and alerts you can be sure that your site is covered and that you are fully aware what is happening 24/7, 365 from anywhere in the world (internet required). Backed by 3 years warranty, you can have the peace of mind that your security system is constantly up and running.

With Door Access Control systems, you can safeguard and control who comes into your business and/or restrict access to certain sensitive areas such as server rooms, stock rooms, etc. Using the industry leading Paxton system, you can ensure that doors are controlled and monitored with access to live logs and full activity history. An additional benefit with this system is that it can be used for “staff time attendance” as well, providing accurate times in a user-friendly report to avoid or help with payroll (additional software required).

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