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Blood, Sweat, and a Great App

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Blood, Sweat, and a Great App

We have heard it before: I have an app and I want to get it featured on the App Store. Well, of course having an app featured in App Store is by no means a small feat. But, before that, why not talk about more important thing – Great product

Building a good product and in this case, ‘a great app’ is much more than just good strokes of design and cool taps and gestures. It’s a journey that takes lots of efforts and resources along the way. But finally, this is only the best who will make it to the end: To the Top.

So, what’s a ‘great product’ for users?

UX? You are right. App store is just about to explode any time. Thousands of apps are submitted daily for review. Finding an app from app store is just as difficult as finding needle is from hay. Even if a user downloads your app and launched it, you have only few seconds to impress him. And, remember, there is no 2nd time.

This is where most of the apps fail. Latest Report from Localytics might give you an idea of what we are talking here. It says that 22% of downloaded apps are only used once before being totally abandoned.

Besides, products are meant to solve ‘problems’. Whether this is a fitness tracking app or a feature rich project management app, it’s meant to be ‘only the best’. Most of the apps die their own death because, they never solve the problems, and in some worse case, become another problem. It’s very important to first identify the problem and then rise as a solution for it.

Finally, great products are built upon great design. If there is one advise that we can give you, this is: Hire the most talented, most innovative and most dependable UI/UX designer.

Now, What’s a ‘great product’ for Apple?

Apple is Godfather of modern design. People quote Steve Jobs to impress others and show them how good they are at designing products. Well, Apple takes design very seriously and so should you.

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